Used Office Furniture Distribution

Our extensive inventory of used office furniture is available online, is constantly updated, and is yours to peruse at any time! To shop, simply follow the steps outlined below.

Buying Used Office Furniture – Step 1

Click the Step 1 box above, or simply click here, and the Used Furniture Store will open up in a new window. Look around till you find something you’re interested in. Then…

Buying Used Office Furniture – Step 2

When you’ve found something that you are interested in, email us with the URL to that exact item. Just highlight it, copy, CLICK HERE to open up an email form, and then paste the URL into the email. We’ll be back with you within 24 business hours with a wholesale price on the office furniture you’ve selected. Don’t be shy either. Feel free to send us many requests! We don’t mind!

Buying Used Office Furniture – Step 3

The rest of the process is easy. Once you get your prices and want to move forward with the purchase of your “new” used office furniture, we’ll can either call you, you call us, or continue handling it through email.


comaAfter installing & servicing over 1,500 workstations for us nationwide, their attention to detail and ability to work with out-of-state contractors has led us to work with the team at OfficeWorks for over 12 years. We greatly encourage any business, from large to small, to partner with OfficeWorks. You'll never be disappointed.coma1

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