It's All in the Planning

We think of ourselves as expert space planners who sell great furniture.

There's a skill that can only be had over years of experience when it comes to planning out an office space from the floors to the ceiling. Your office is a huge investment, and you want to make sure that you are able to use it in the most efficient, rewarding way possible. We feel that it is imperative for Knoxville-area businesses to bring in a highly competent office planning professional before making any decisions on how to use the space best for their business.

In many cases, clients have acquired existing space, often in historic and old buildings, and bring us in even amidst the clutter left behind by the previous occupiers. That's perfect. We love that. We've been in these situations countless times and have a knowledge and wisdom that really can effect the outcome of your space for years to come. 

And then there's new office buildings popping up everywhere, thanks to Knoxville's robust economy and business environment. If you already have secured a new space, we'd love to meet you there and go over ideas that we see for increasing the benefits of the new office space. If you don't yet have an office secured, we also can prove to be an asset, as oftentimes we are able to plan a way for a client to actually use less office space than they initially had planned, saving lots of money on the monthly lease.

We welcome you to contact us at any stage in your business plans, and look forward to hearing from you.




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